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2018 WCA Conference

November 2-3, 2018

Madison, WI

Friday Workshop

  Joseph Green

Joseph Green is a spoken word artist, educator, and motivational speaker.  Over the past 10 years Joseph’s passion for youth development has led to him supporting young people in a multitude of facets.  He the co-founder and former Program Manager of poetryN.O.W., an after-school creative writing program that worked with students throughout the DC metropolitan area.  After five years of successful programming, poetryN.O.W. was acquired by Split This Rock, a Washington DC-based poetry and social justice organization, where Joseph now oversees youth programs in over 25 high schools and the largest youth poetry events in the DC area; the Hyper Bole and Louder Than A Bomb-DMV.  In his work with poetryN.O.W. and Split This Rock, Joseph has also crafted an extensive creative writing curriculum now used in classrooms throughout the country.

In his prevention work with high schooled aged youth, Joseph facilitates interactive workshops to create transformational original poetry and/or short stories on the effects that substance abuse and addiction has had on their lives. As part of his effort to empower young people to speak truth to power, Joseph has provided opportunities for them to share their stories with policymakers at the White House for the US Office of National Drug Control Policy and the US Department of Education. In his role as Program Manager at the Mentor Foundation USA, Joseph led the effort to revamp the interactive drug prevention youth rally known as Shattering the Myths.  As part of this initiative, he also served as host for the three-day program that included a full day of writing workshops and leadership training.

2015 marked Joseph’s fifth return to Poetry Slam International’s national slam, this time as a representative of the DC Poetry Slam Team. He represented the Oneonta Slam team in 2005 and 2006 as their Grand Slam Champion, Slam Richmond in 2009, and DC’s Beltway Poetry Slam team in 2011. He also represented DC in 2011 at the Individual Poetry Slam, ranking 16th in the world. As a solo artist, Joseph has performed, hosted, and featured at venues and schools throughout the United States, including the White House, Kennedy Center,  and American Society of Addiction Medicine. He has over ten years experience as a professional spoken word artist and writer.

After years of international performing, Joseph has synthesized his poetry, workshops, and mentorship into interactive performance experiences that can be customized for a range of audiences and ages. He is excited to continue driving both youth and adults towards self-forgiveness, redemption, and the irreplaceable role of love in the human revolution. 

Workshop: Creative Mindfulness 

Peace of Mind is not an accident.  The study of mindfulness allows its practitioners to not only reach for their full potential but provides them the means to sustain it.

Joseph Green has been working with professional adults and youth for over a decade to harness the power of storytelling through creative writing as a way to process emotion, maintain agency over personal narrative, and restore humanity to community spaces.  This form of self-care assists in burnout prevention for those working in vulnerable situations.  

In this workshop, participants will first be led through a series of team building exercises focused on the development of trust and creating a safe space.  After an interactive presentation where Joseph uses his personal journey as an example of the healing power of storytelling, participants will be guided through several creative writing prompts.  At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have increased their ability to articulate their personal story and have received tools to continue this practice at home.

Conference Keynote

 Dr. Stacee Reicherzer

Dr. Stacee Reicherzer, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, is a psychotherapist, educator, and speaker who has worked with diverse client and student communities since beginning her field training with the Phoenix area homeless in 1999. She later provided community-based counseling to a diverse client population of women and men who survived the trauma of family violence, childhood bullying, and other experiences that left people feeling cast-out, less-than, different, Other. Importantly, she views Otherness as an opportunity for finding creative voice and joy in our daily lives.

“Dr. Stacee,” as her students know her, received her PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, and has received advanced training in the relational-cultural model of psychotherapy. She is also a practitioner of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and expressive therapies,which she has used to treat individuals and couples whose trauma histories resulted in debilitating mental health concerns such as PTSD, anxiety and panic disorder, and a number of related problems in living. Dr. Stacee serves as clinical faculty of Counseling at Southern New Hampshire University in the College of Online and Continuing Education.

Keynote: What's Real for Me? Finding and Celebrating our Most Authentic Selves

Counseling professionals are trained in inviting clients to realize and live fully in their own potential. How often though do we forget to celebrate this capacity within ourselves? Even worse, how often do we feel shame for things we “should” be doing so that we might reach some mythic notion of our own potential? So seldom do we recognize what’s extraordinary within us, the hero’s journey we’ve already walked, and the life that’s ours in the present moment when we honor, "This is who I am!” In her keynote, Dr. Stacee will invite audience members to consider the stories that brought them to their work as counselors, and what they wish to create to make the present moment one of joy and creativity. 

 Conference Schedule 


10 am-12 pm Open WCA Executive Board Meeting

12 pm-12:55 pm Registration

1 pm-5:30 pm Workshop

5:30 pm-7:30 pm Networking at hotel bar


8 am-9 am Registration 

9 am-4:15 pm Breakout sessions, lunch, keynote 

CEs- 4 Friday, 5 Saturday

Training Opportunities in the Community

Community training events are not sponsored or endorsed by WCA unless specifically stated. These postings are to provide awareness of training opportunities available in Wisconsin. If you have specific questions regarding the events, please contact the hosts listed on the posting. 

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