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Hello Wisconsin Counselors,

We are in the start of a new year for Wisconsin Counseling Association! I am excited, honored, and privileged to serve as WCA President for the 2017-18 year. WCA has represented the counseling profession at the state level for many years, and we are excited to be growing along with our profession. There are many areas in which we as counselors may feel called to serve and many areas in need of service across our state and beyond. This aligns with my personal motto, which is to lead is to serve. This does not mean serving oneself; rather, it means serving our clients and our profession. It may also mean serving something greater than ourselves, and this “something” could be different for each of us. How do you feel called to serve as a counselor? What is meaningful to you? These are questions we may need to reflect on from time to time in order to keep ourselves well and to remember our own personal mission as counselors.

Arguably, one of the best aspects of the counseling profession is discovering the amount of passionate, committed people who identify as counselors wanting to help others. My hope is for WCA to build strength and unity among this group of helpers; we can do this by working together to advocate for our clients and our profession, while continuing to work toward social change.  So much time and dedication has gone into building and growing our profession, and it is up to us to continue this momentum. A few basic principles that will help us along the way include respect for others, veracity, and beneficence. We also must recognize our potential for advancing our profession in multiculturalism, evidence-based practice, and legislative advocacy, among other areas.

It is exciting for WCA to have a Board of committed and creative professionals who want to advance both the counseling profession and the human condition. Part of our mission this year is to be known as a trusted resource in the state for all counselors. We would not be here today without the dedication of previous WCA Presidents and members who have helped to grow this organization, and our Board is dedicated to furthering this growth in a variety of ways. To those who helped develop, sustain, and grow WCA, thank you!

Our members and past Board members have helped us to think longitudinally about the advancement of our profession. Our first WCA Legislative Advocacy Day this past March is an example of how we can advance our profession within Wisconsin. Our members and past Board members also have helped us to think innovatively. Examples of this innovation include developing webinars (coming soon…), updating our fantastic WCA Journal, streamlining the membership process (as now your membership expires on the date in which you registered as a WCA member, rather than in November), updating our website to a more user-friendly system, and introducing sponsorship for our annual WCA Summit.  

Speaking of the WCA Summit – we are looking forward to seeing many innovative and exciting proposals for our Summit this November 3rd and 4th, which will be at Chula Vista Resort in the Dells. We are very excited about our location this year and the opportunity to infuse wellness, creativity, and innovation into our Summit. Further, we are enthusiastic about the theme of our conference this year, which is Awareness, Advocacy, and Action in the Face of Adversity. We have a dynamic and creative keynote speaker in Dr. Joel Filmore, a beautiful setting in which we can network with each other and relax with our families, opportunities to learn and grow as professionals, and time to recognize those who have served our profession both past and present. Our registration process will begin soon, so stay tuned for this!

Thank you for being a member of WCA, and I look forward to serving you and our profession! Lastly, please email the executive board at if you have ideas or suggestions. We are here for you!

Warmest regards,

Victoria Sepulveda, Ph.D., LPC, CSAC, NCC   

WCA President

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